The Grand Opening of The conference

From Novotel, we headed for Gikondo and we were blessed by Tim Wright’s presence since he had been ill but he managed to go with us.

In Gikondo, at the conference hall people were praising and worshiping and it was almost Lunch time and for the first time I interviewed someone,guess who?..Gaylord…..Thomas who is the ELCA African Secretary

We had lunch and were told to go back to the hall as the Rwanda youth`conference was to be opened at 2:00pm but it slightly went beyond this.Our MC then was Gaylord who welcomed the Director for National Peace and Reconciliation, Mr.Frank Ukobukyeye who was to teach us the Youth about Peace and Reconciliation.He started by introducing himself and also the topic, he gave us good examples of People(those living and dead) e.g Mahatma Gandi and His Excellency Paul Kagame ,etc how they are a good example of Peace and reconciliation advocates this was a success by use power point presentation and this was also better as it didn’t take a long time,people were attentive through out and also images were seen.Very much was taught and he concluded by telling the roles of the youth in Peace and Reconciliation and after Mr.Frank’s teachings the Bishop’s Speech followed.

Bishop Kalisa welcomed the visitors from the Great lakes region s, Namibia and United states, he thanked the youth that came for their time, then conveyed his message and also concluded by telling the youth that they are the future and the ones to make a difference.

I was disappointed though that the minister of the youth who was supposed to come didn’t show up as I had targeted on interviewing him. Then after this praising and worshiping prevailed.



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