The Morning of March,27th 2008

In the early morning of 27th,March 2008, I got a phone call from one of my Media team colleagues(Florence) who informed me that we were to meet at Novotel a hotel in Kigali where one of our experts on the team(Alycia Wright) and her father(Pastor Tim Wright ) were staying, and here we were to be taught how to create a blog since this area had convenient Internet connection as compared to the Conference Venue in Gikondo, a place in Kigali where the Conference was held. I prepared myself hurriedly and hit the road towards Novotel………

At Novotel, I met Alycia and since the rest of the media team had not yet arrived we decided to chat,we had a lot to share since it had been Year and two months since we had last seen each other.Before we had gone further with our conversation,the rest of the team joined us,(George,Florence and Dorice). Alycia showed us her father’s blog,so as for us to understand it even better and revealed to us the username and password of the (Rwandayouthgathering’s Weblog) and we were told to write posts,upload pictures and also Videos if we had any,and we were excited to get started.Alycia and her father were very kind and hosted us in their room as we did our work and they shared cookies and water with us,our thanks goes to Alycia and Tim Wright.Because of you we acquired the Blogging skills and not forgeting our brother George Arende for teaching and sharing with us his Journalist skills.We salute you all!



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