My decision to go to the Youth Conference.

On Easter Sunday,I met Emily from New York who is a member of the Organizing committee and she told me about the Youth Conference which was a new idea since I had never been to one though I had received an E mail from Alycia telling me about it but I had no Idea to when it was due until I met Emily. I translated for her as she conveyed her message to the Youth at Lutheran Church of Rwanda,Kigali,and this is the point where I really decided to go to the conference. We the Youth from Rwanda were the ones to host the other youth from the Great Lakes region and United States of America.We decided to meet on the 26th of March,2008 for more briefing on what was expected from us the Rwanda youth as hosts of the conference.

On the 26th,which was a Wednesday,we started training and I was interested in being in the media team , I(Genevieve) and my two colleagues(Florence and Dorice) had brief training on Photography,Video shooting, what to consider while interviewing someone and how to create a blog.To me some of these where new experiences like creating a blog.Though brief and  we could not do the blog due to a problem of network, the other parts were covered and I looked forward to the next day when the Conference would be opened officially and I would apply the skills I had acquired.

(Genevieve Mutesi)


One Response to “My decision to go to the Youth Conference.”

  1. Emily Davila Says:

    Geni – it is great to see your blogs. Keep sending us updates about life in Rwanda and the youth! I miss you and everyone.
    Check out these photos:

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