What struck me about the genocide testimony

Im elizabeth, I just wanted to talk bout the genocide in Rwanda. Many people died, is just unbelevable! We had some visitors today, this guy was just explaining to us what had happen in Rwanda during the genocide, he was one of the pepole who were there and he saw everything that happen and actually he participate in the killing of the Tutsi. He was trying to apologize to Tutsi’s youths in the conference about what happen….. some people seem to have understood and forgive him. It was really hard for him to explain everything….that happened

I just wanna advice all youth all over the World, i think we should learn of what happen in Rwanda, and take it like an example. The genocide is so serious lets pray about it, and pray for Rwanda so that such a thing will never ever happen in our World.

Elizabeth Masolele
From Tanzania


One Response to “What struck me about the genocide testimony”

  1. Wilhelm Oddo Ml Says:

    Mambo? (Swahili greetings meaning Hi!)
    I have these friend, and they are Sisters from Rwanda…. Mollie and Cigrid, They are very good people, When i was reading this post by Elliza i have remembered them,

    I remember i asked Molly one day about it for i was so curious to know a Little from some one who was there, they talked allot and its real mpain.
    Any way,
    We as youth the profets of tomorow leaving in today’s world….we have to pray+++ (plus plus) for our comming word when me and you’ll have our own family.
    Willie from TZ.

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